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When designing our new kitchen, we knew we wanted something special to set it apart while adding to the function. I’m a huge fan of Sparkling water but constantly purchasing bottles was a big expense and headache. So, I researched how to add that feature to our kitchen. That’s when I found the Quatreau Smart Tap. I didn’t know anyone that had one or had installed one but the reviews were good so we decided to give it a try. I HIGHLY suggest that if your plumber hasn’t installed one of these units before that they schedule a time to install with the GWSUSA team on the phone. The team walked our installer through the process and once it was dialed in it was working great! We now enjoy chilled filtered water and sparkling water on demand. Another added feature was instant hot water. Initially we didn’t really care to have the extra feature but now that we have it we use it all the time. We even set up a hot chocolate bar next to the faucet for use during the colder months! Plus, guests are always impressed by the faucet and comment on how great it is. The price tag may seem steep but we save money by not purchasing bottle still and sparkling water while having an awesome kitchen feature that always seems to be a conversation starter!

Melanie Schiemer

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