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Quatreau TouchTap™ in designer kitchen.

Sustainable Luxury Kitchens – Sparkling Water Taps & Water Purifiers

The growing emphasis on environmentally conscious living is transforming industries, including luxury home design, where sustainability is becoming synonymous with luxury. Our blog explores sustainable kitchen innovations like multifunction tap systems, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, and anti-scale systems, which are redefining luxury kitchens by blending high-end aesthetics with eco-friendly technologies. These smart appliances not only elevate the luxury of modern homes but also contribute positively to the environment, demonstrating that sustainable choices in kitchen design can enhance rather than compromise luxury.

Importance of Sustainability in Luxury Kitchen Design

The movement towards sustainable luxury in home design is gaining momentum, reflecting a growing awareness among homeowners and developers about the importance of reducing their ecological footprint. This awareness extends notably to the heart of the home: the kitchen. With a focus on sustainability, homeowners and developers are integrating eco-friendly elements into kitchen design, elevating both style and environmental consciousness.

By opting for sustainable kitchen additions, such as water filtration systems that eliminate the need for plastic bottled water, or energy-efficient appliances that minimize electricity consumption, we not only contribute to a healthier planet but also infuse our living spaces with a refined and conscientious elegance.

Quatreau® Tap Systems: Enhancing Sustainability in Luxury Kitchens

At the forefront of sustainable luxury kitchen additions are the Quatreau® Tap Systems. More than just a faucet, these are statement pieces known for low energy consumption—designed to elevate both form and function for the luxury home. Delicious water on tap means you’ll never need to arrange plastic or glass bottled water deliveries again—which means reduced carbon footprint, zero food miles and no plastic waste.

Let’s explore just what these best-in-class tap systems do and how they contribute to an environmentally friendly home.

The Quatreau TouchTap™

The Quatreau TouchTap™ is an elegant multifunction tap that can instantly dispense five different kinds of water, including boiling, chilled, hot, cold, and sparkling water. Quatreau saves water by always dispensing the perfect temperature of water, with pre-set temperatures for your different needs.

  • Receive boiling water at the ideal temperature for a steaming cup of tea, coffee, or even cocoa.
  • Pour yourself a glass of instantly chilled water to cool off when the weather is hot.
  • Get mains tap water at the perfect pre-set temperatures for rinsing vegetables or washing dishes.

What can you do with instant sparkling water? Skip the grocery store and pour yourself a refreshing alternative to sugar-based sodas or other carbonated drinks. Combine fruit and sparkling water for a delicious, custom drink.

AquaWave™ Classic Reverse Osmosis System: Sustainable Water Filtration Solutions

In the quest for pure, untainted water, the AquaWave™ Classic Reverse Osmosis System shines. By purifying water through a multi-stage filtration process that uses 100% virgin materials, this RO system ensures the ideal water for drinking. With its compact design and superior filtration capabilities, AquaWave Classic seamlessly complements Quatreau tap systems, providing an uninterrupted flow of clear water for your hydration and culinary endeavors.

What’s more luxurious than perfectly filtered, delicious water, delivered straight to your tap?

OneStop+™ Anti-Scale Solution: Preserving Water Quality and Appliance Longevity

Scale formation is the nemesis of both water quality and appliance longevity. Enter OneStop+™, the eco-conscious alternative to regular salt-based water softeners. By converting limescale into harmless crystals and reducing heavy metal content, it not only safeguards water quality but also enhances the efficiency of RO systems, boilers and hot water appliances. With its easy installation and maintenance-free operation, OneStop+ offers a hassle-free solution to scale-related woes, ensuring a sustainable future for your kitchen.

Here are some of the ways our OneStop+ Anti-Scale Solution protects the environment:

  • No water waste from backwashing
  • No regeneration
  • No salt required
  • Increase the efficiency of boilers and all other equipment in contact with the treated water


When it comes to luxury living, sustainability is the golden thread that weaves through every facet of design. With products like Quatreau Tap Systems, AquaWave Classic Reverse Osmosis Systems, and OneStop+ Anti-Scale Solutions, achieving both elegant water solutions and environmental friendly function is not just a possibility—it’s a promise. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for sustainability. Contact us at Quatreau and Global Water Solutions to learn more about how to achieve a beautiful, environmentally friendly kitchen.

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