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On this page, you’ll find frequently asked questions for quick answers and a troubleshooting section to resolve any issues efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and they must be strictly followed to allow for proper performance. All installations and commissioning should be done by a licensed contractor. Please refer to the install, commissioning and user guides.

The bottom of the tap needs to be within 3 feet of the boiler connection. It is not recommended to add another connector to the comms cable as it can cause electrical interference and lags in the system performance.

Yes it is possible to use a larger, external CO2 tank with the system.

The system does not include installation. A local licensed plumber who is familiar with water systems and specialized faucets should be engaged.

The boiler system has leak protection​

The Quatreau system does not purify water. It has a carbon filter which aids in improving taste and smell of chlorination but it does not purify or soften water.

The CO2 cartridges need to be replaced when empty and the GAC cartridge should be replaced annually.

Global Water Solutions offers reverse osmosis systems and tanks to meet this requirement.

Please see the cartridge replacement instructions on our resources page

You need two 15 amp circuits underneath the cabinet to use with the boiler and chiller. The reverse osmosis system can also be plugged into one of these as needed.

You need 610 MM (24”) of free cabinet space next to or under the sink to house the chiller and boiler units

There are 100 liters or 26.4 gallons of sparkling water from each CO2 canister supplied​

​When it shows locked:

Tap buttons in this sequence:
Top left, top right, top left
or boiling, chilled , boiling

If is not necessary to turn your system off for short periods. However, if going away for an extended period, it is always recommended to turn off the water supply to the house or you can isolate the water feeding the Quatreau itself. If the power is shut off to the unit, then you must follow the commissioning sequence again to reactivate it.

We recommend to use a reverse osmosis system (for hardness less than 4 grains per gallon/68 ppm) or a scale inhibitor (OneStop Plus) or water softener to ensure the best performance of your Quatreau system.

Please note there is a safety feature on the boiling water in that you need to touch a sequence (not just the boiling key) for it to operate. Please see the user guide for the appropriate tap for instructions.

The CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced. Please obtain a new cartridge and change per the instructions

You can adjust the knob on the regulator higher or lower using a large flathead screwdriver. To increase carbonation, turn the regulator by a half turn clockwise. To decrease, turn counter-clockwise. Note you need to run off several glasses of water before the adjustment will be effective. If there is too much gas in the water, the system may sputter. In this case, reduce the setting by a full turn and try again.

There may be some electrical “noise”/interference occurring with the system. Try moving radios, WIFI routers or other electronic items away from the tap. The tap has an auto-shut off feature so it will always stop after the allotted time. Buying a ferrite bead to put around the wires may help with the interference.

This could be due to a blown fuse in the chiller. Please have your plumber contact us

The electronic faucet, the boiler, the chiller and vent kit, connection kit, one carbon filter, and two CO2 cartridges

The standard finishes are brushed stainless steel or polished stainless steel. Faucets can be special ordered with other finishes, such as matte black, polished gold or brushed gold, for an up-charge and longer lead time, but the finish will not be guaranteed by the manufacturer and must be accepted as received.

The 553B boiler has a maximum amp draw of 12.5 amps and 0.7 amps on standby. The chiller unit draws a maximum of 2.5 amps with 0 amps on standby.

See the pre-install guidelines on our resources page for install diagrams.

The Touch Tap can replace your existing faucet for hot and cold water from the main water supply and also offer filtered chilled, sparkling and boiling water from the same tap. The Smart Tap is a separate faucet that has filtered chilled, sparkling and boiling options only, no hand hot/hand cold water. The Smart Tap can be equipped with an optional drip tray if a stand alone drink station is required.

One year limited warranty​

If using a Touch Tap, you will need to purchase a mixing valve for the hand hot/hand cold function

You can buy replacement filters from Global Water Solutions or our appointed sub-dealers

The chiller requires adequate cooling to operate properly. If the vent kit is not used, the water from the chiller may not be cool enough and the sparkling water may not provide enough carbonation. There is also a risk of the chiller overheating. For installations without the proper venting in place, warranty on the system is void.


When recommissioning a Quatreau system remember to follow the sequence Gas; Water, Electric.

Always isolate the electrical main switch before opening any of the covers.

Solenoid passing waterCheck if hot or cold water is dripping from the tap. Remove the cover and identify which solenoid is in line with the delivery tube. Replace the solenoid.
Pre-filter issueEnsure that the supplied pre-filters are properly fitted on Mains Water/Hot/Cold supplies. Check and clean the filters.
Venturi not fitted correctlyConfirm that the venturi has been correctly fitted to the boiling water supply pipe within 25mm of the bottom of the tap. For TouchTap, it's the front pipe; for SmartTap, it's the rear pipe.
Pump on chiller not working correctlyPower cycle the chiller, leaving it off for 5 seconds to reset. Upon powering back on, the pump should only run for approximately 30 seconds. If it runs for more than a minute, it indicates a faulty non-dry run pump that needs replacement. Dispense 1 liter of sparkling water. If the issue persists, contact GWS or PureH2O (if installed in the UK)
Boiler is overheating due to altitude, scaling of boiler or faulty thermistorDispense 2 liters of boiling water. The LED should show RED, followed by RED/AMBER, then GREEN. If steam is still coming out of the tap, check the correct fitting of the venturi. If issue persists, contact GWS or PureH2O (if installed in the UK).
Chiller water flow rate set too highAdjust the flow rate to its optimum set point using the 6mm allen key.
Gas pressure set too high.Adjust the gas regulator by turning it fully clockwise, then opening it 2 turns counterclockwise.
Water in the machineCheck for internal water leaks and where the water has ingressed.
Heating element has been switched offTurn the heating element back on via the switch centrally located under the front cover.
Touch pad is looseContact GWS or PureH2O (if installed in the UK) to replace the tap
Comms cable is disconnectedCheck if the comms cable is fully plugged in.
Water ingressCall GWS or PureH2O (if installed in the UK) to change comms board and cable.
Poor ventilationCheck for unrestricted ventilation.
Gas pressure too highFully turn gas regulator clockwise to close it and then open it 2 turns
Wiring between the slave and main board not connected properlyIsolate the power and remove the rear panel. Replace the red and black twisted cable pair between the slave and main board.
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