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Onboard With Quatreau® Tap Systems

Available for the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.


Quatreau® Tap Systems

Available for wherever you live and especially on your boat. Quatreau Systems provide you with an ideal replacement for bottled water. The approximate footprint of the Quatreau TouchTap is equal to 36 1L bottles.

  • Delivers high volumes of boiling, sparkling and chilled water, plus hand-hot and hand-cold
  • Fits into a standard cabinet
  • Ventilation duct included for kick space installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highest performing insulation
  • 316 SS construction for optimum corrosion resistance
  • Controlled water flow
  • Leak detection as standard
  • Manufactured in UK
  • Most robust and reliable system available
  • 30.3 L (8 gal) piping hot 95-97°C (204-206°F) water per hour
  • Up to 15 mugs in one draw with no temperature drop & just 5-8 minutes recovery time
  • Delivers 20 L (5.3 gal) of chilled/sparkling water per hour at 4-7°C (40-45°F)
  • 95.6 L (25 gal) of champagne-style sparkling water per CO2 cylinder
  • Easy to use touch panel or button control
  • Tall spout available for filling of vessels and bottles
Quatreau SmartTap™ installed in galley kitchen on yacht.



with Drip Tray



A refreshing glass of sparkling water with lemon.


We know that one of the biggest reasons people still buy single-use plastic bottled water is because they enjoy drinking sparkling water. So we developed an eco-friendly solution for sparkling water, too!

Our Quatreau collection of smart taps dispenses boiling, chilled and sparkling water. And they’re designed to integrate seamlessly with water purifiers, too. So when you’re choosing eco-friendly water, there’s no need to go without your favourite sparkling drink.

Fridge filled with bottled water.

Making room

Maintaining ample quantities of drinking water of sufficient quality poses several problems in the marine environment. The most significant challenges are finding storage space for plastic bottled mineral water, not to mention risking the effects of stomach-churning impurities present in a fresh water tank.

Made in the UK

QUATREAU® is the only tap system on the market to use 316 stainless steel (avoiding the environmental impact caused by plating) throughout its manufacturing processes. Our water heaters and elements (electro-polished) are highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for all types of potable water including low conductivity and RO Water. Even our filter housings and system casings are 316 stainless providing for long life and recycling value, something often overlooked in today’s lifestyle products.


Stylish kitchen with sleek Quatreau TouchTap™


The Quatreau® collection brings style, substance and unbeatable technology to your design. The innovative touchscreen control panel of Quatreau TouchTap will be the talking point of your gathering and the Quatreau SmartTap with LED-lit buttons and optional recessed drip tray brings compact convenience.

Quatreau SmartTap™ with a glass of chilled water.


Quatreau® is the culmination of over a decade’s continuous research and development. With a modular choice of water options including boiling, chilled, sparkling (plus thermostatically controlled hand-hot and -cold on Quatreau TouchTap), your business boasts the latest technology.


Cut your environmental impact with Quatreau®. Chilled and sparkling water on tap means you’ll never need to arrange plastic or glass bottled water deliveries again; so that’s reduced carbon footprint, zero food miles and no plastic waste. Quatreau tap systems are the most energy and water efficient on the market, further saving environmental resources.

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