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The industry’s most advanced and innovative smart bottling station.






95% efficient.

Smart bottling station


Cut your carbon footprint by 95% with HydreauBar, the world’s only integrated bottling station that simultaneously sterilises and fills reusable glass bottles with chilled and sparkling filtered* water. HydreauBar offers convenience, financial savings and several environmental benefits compared to deliveries of plastic or glass bottled water. Rated by Best Foot Forward for the Houses of Parliament.


100% reusable bottles, 95% lower carbon footprint compared to bottled water, zero transport costs, zero bottle waste and disposal costs, zero water waste and reduced energy use, plus no need for a dishwasher.


HydreauBar fills multiple bottles simultaneously with individual bottle recognition to comply with weights and measures regulations. We have single and twin station options to deliver up to 100 bottles per hour.


HydreauBar takes care of sterilisation and filling in one seamless process. HydreauBar ensures safety by eliminating microbial organisms on internal bottle surfaces, something not achieved by washing alone.



The HydreauBar smart bottling station for large offices, restaurants and hotels removes the need for bottled water, lowers your carbon footprint by 95% and maximises convenience whilst reducing financial costs. Designed and manufactured in the UK for superior quality and durability.

Production Rates

  • Sterilisation and refilling of up to 100 bottles per hour
  • Easily fits into standard kitchen layouts and eliminates the dishwasher to save space, time and labour


  • 5 mm isolated mains cold water supply
  • 2 x double 13 amp power points
  • Trapped drain with upstand
  • Site requirements link
HYDREAUBAR-1™ sterilizing bottle

The Quatreau Touch System is an amazing faucet with exceptional useful features for providing on the spot chilled, sparkling, boiling water, and everyday cold/hot water with a simple touch. Even more importantly for designers is that “It Looks Great”.

Joseph Coppola

When designing our new kitchen, we knew we wanted something special to set it apart while adding to the function. I’m a huge fan of Sparkling water but constantly purchasing bottles was a big expense and headache. So, I researched how to add that feature to our kitchen. That’s when I found the Quatreau Smart Tap. I didn’t know anyone that had one or had installed one but the reviews were good so we decided to give it a try. I HIGHLY suggest that if your plumber hasn’t installed one of these units before that they schedule a time to install with the GWSUSA team on the phone. The team walked our installer through the process and once it was dialed in it was working great! We now enjoy chilled filtered water and sparkling water on demand. Another added feature was instant hot water. Initially we didn’t really care to have the extra feature but now that we have it we use it all the time. We even set up a hot chocolate bar next to the faucet for use during the colder months! Plus, guests are always impressed by the faucet and comment on how great it is. The price tag may seem steep but we save money by not purchasing bottle still and sparkling water while having an awesome kitchen feature that always seems to be a conversation starter!

Melanie Schiemer

We then added the Quatreau tap for our kitchen delivering pure boiling, chilled, and carbonated water plus handwashing and plant watering from one tap, we love it !!

UK Consumer


Visit our Resources page for installation and technical materials needed to spec and install the systems by a licensed plumbing expert.

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