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About Quatreau®

Quatreau® tap systems and HydreauBar™, the hospitality and office bottling solution, are innovations designed and developed by Roger Wiltshire, a pioneer in the water industry.

In 2009 Roger designed the world’s first multi-function faucet. The concept started out as a stand-alone tap delivering purified boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, but developed to encompass an unfiltered supply of hot and cold mains water as well, turning the design into the Quatreau Touch™ five-function tap.  Later configurations included the Quatreau SmartTap™ 2- or 3-function taps with or without drip trays. With the HydreauBar, Quatreau addressed the need for bottling solutions in the hospitality industry and work environment.

Quatreau Touch - Most Innovative Products 2017

The Quatreau Touch™ screen is quite revolutionary in its design. For the first-time, it brings to market a tap with no moving parts. The touch screen is a world first and the design is still iconic.  All five water options are controlled by a clever manifold that holds the solenoid valves in one place. This eliminates leak points and provides exceptional longevity and control of the functions.

Quatreau is fully manufactured in Woking, United Kingdom drawing on the expertise of local precision machining and electronic component manufacturers.  Quatreau products use 316 stainless steel components and other high-quality materials to create products that will reliably last for a long time.


Quatreau is a Global Water Solutions company in partnership with Roger Wiltshire. Global Water Solutions distributes the Quatreau range of products as well as its extensive range of water movement and enhancement products globally and PureH20 is the UK distributor.

Global Water Solutions
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